What does the training at Clouticians cover?

Courses at Cloudticians cover basic and advanced knowledge of cutting-edge cloud technologies required for some of the highest-paying jobs in the IT sector. The training can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals as well as businesses that want a continuous learning platform for their IT teams.

Do I have to attend classes in-person?

Cloudticians offers both in-person and online classes. We offer courses at multiple venues. But if you cannot find a course nearby, or would otherwise prefer to learn online, we offer an online package as well. The online training has 100 available slots allocated on a first-come basis.

Can I access online classes on a mobile device?

It is advisable to take Cloudticians’ hands-on training modules on a PC; however, in exceptional circumstances, most of the online classes can be accessed via mobile devices.

Are there any prerequisites for the fundamentals training program?

Our training programs that cover the fundamentals of AWS, Azure and GCP are designed to start from the very basics and gradually proceed towards advanced concepts and technologies. Therefore, our courses are equally beneficial for beginners, without any prior knowledge or experience in cloud computing, and professionals.

Is Cloudticians training free?

Cloudticians training programs are designed by industry experts to master Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Service. Our training programs are 100% free.


How do I know about an upcoming training?

You can find out about the upcoming training programs at Cloudticians, course description and location by clicking here.  

How can I register?

You can register for the Cloudticians training on AWS by clicking here, or go to the registration page.

How can I apply for financial assistance?

Cloudticians offers scholarships for deserving, underprivileged students. We believe education and skill development are fundamental rights that must be accessible to all regardless of their circumstances. If you think you are eligible for our financial aid program, contact us at:

Phone: +1-224-507-2312

Email: hello@cloudticians.org

Address: 10770 Columbia Pike Suite #300 silver spring, MD 20901

And one of our representatives will get in touch with you soon.

How long can a single course take?

Training programs at Cloudticians are typically distributed over a span of 13 weeks. The curriculum covers everything from the very basics to advanced-level concepts with hands-on training.

How can I register?

You can register for the AWS training absolutely for free by clicking here.

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